When is it right to have a voice
Be unanimous , democratic,have a choice?
Why do we always have to fight
to get humanity its just and right?
Governments try to suppress all men
give them no freedom not now but when?

Why must they always demonstrate
To win the right of a democratic state.
The unrest is felt throughout the land
When humanity goes around hand in hand.
The beatings the arrests when will it end
Do we close our eyes and just pretend?
Brave people standing up to the state
Dropping like flies in a poisonous fate.
Will they be alive to enjoy the win
where fathers and mothers have lived in sin.
Or will they just die without any hope
Dangling from the noose of a rope.
All over the World people want to be free
To this end they fight the powers to be
They want their rights what wrong with that?
It isn’t a game of tit for tat.
Why is wrong with listening and trying to solve
That’s how this earth turns and makes it revolve.
In the end we will die and a generation new
Will fight for ever through and through
So listen and communicate to put things right
End hostility and hardship end the fight.

When is this ever going to end? the World is in a pretty poor state, we at homw fighting over Brexit and abroad in Hong Kong fighting for democracy.


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