All excited ,up and dressed
Its summer after all
Have my breakfast then brush my teeth
And look for my football.
The garden looks lush and green
In a multicoloured spread
Just like a show house untouched
professionally raised in a flower bed.

Usually dad is home
And mom is out the back
But no one seems to be around
Just our neighbour Jack.
Will it be football or a bike ride
The choices are afoot
It seems the bike has won the toss
As I trip over a football boot.
The road outside seems busy
Considering its holiday time
I suppose the adults are still at work
Up to their necks in grime.
I want to ride along the path
Beside the old lady and her dog
But the path is very narrow
And the other side is a bog.
I will just go on the road for a moment
As the traffic seems to be slow
I do not want to frighten the lady
as she watches down below.
It only took some seconds
To be hit by speeding car
The bike went tumbling over
as I was swept across the bar.
The driver had his head in his hands
As people came rushing to my aid
The blood was gushing from my head
for some people looked so afraid.
All I saw was a blurry sun
As I lay there by the side
The accident happened very fast
Like the turning of a tide.
Taken to the hospital
With a fractured head and leg
I saw the old lady staring at me
And the dog was trying to beg.
I drifted into a coma state
As the oxygen tube entered my throat
People in beds all around me
Some were in the same boat.
It turned out the driver had been drunk
He wasn’t fit to drive
If he had only stopped to think
I would have been alive!

Drink drivers cause millions of uneedful deaths. It is particularly sad when it could have been avoided, always check your. personal breathaliser before you even think about jumping in the car, better still do not even entertain going into a vehicle if you have even had one drink.




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