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Why are animals always to blame
When they have no voice of their own
All they live for is food and shelter
They don’t need a cell phone!

They are majestic in their own little ways
And try to keep out of our way
But unlike us they do not shout
When they have something to say.
So why do we continually harass them?
hunt them down and make them scared
Leave their cubs parentless
Then they die unprepared.
Animals do have feelings
Be they domestic or running wild
Imagine if it was your kid
the horror if it was your child.
Thank goodness for preservation
When animals can run free
With no hunters waiting in bushes
Firing guns from a great tree.
I would rather go vegetarian
Than see animals slaughtered for food
We need to make adjustments
And do it for the good.
They say that eating too much meat
is affecting our climate today
Heed all the professionals
They are right in their own special way.



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