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Why do we always
Try to be the best
Outwit the other
Complete the test?

You have more weapons
I am more prepared
I can reach you quicker
Now you are scared?
Do we not want peace?
Is it always about war?
So what there are weapons
But what are they for?
To destroy all we have built?
Take us back to a time
When man just made grunting noises
on a pathway to crime?
Is it always gonna be
An ultimate Cold War?
When men, women, children
Have no clue what it’s for?
Its up to the powers
To end this disgrace
We do not want enemies
Let alone a weapons race.

As we sadly face another Cold War by the superpowers, I think we need to take stock.
Another Cold War with America and Russia is dangerous, it seems to me that they are never happy unless they are building and testing weapons of mass destruction.
I hope this does not lead to anything, but pulling out of treaties never seems to end good.




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