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The warmth of the night air
Sweating with the heat
Tossing and turning
Never missing a beat.

The sweet smell of summer
The aroma of cut grass
Moths battering wildly
Against the window amass.
The cry of the fox
As he communicates to his kin
Scrounging all night
In an open trash bin.
The moon is bright
No stars can be seen
The weather is promising
No rain in between.
The dog lies puffing
Gasping for air
Cuddling into your body
Glad you are there!
As the dawn creeps in
Your still awake
Your mind has went on overdrive
Even though nothings at stake.
Facing another day
No time to reflect
Just glad your alive
And all is perfect.

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Hello friends, hope you are all good. I have been writing blogs for many years and love it, its a pleasure to have people read my work and many people do. I welcome all of you warmly. I will also follow you if your blog is of interest. Please feel free to follow me I have 6 blogs. I also promote blogs and websites on my blog so if you want a mention please get in touch.

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