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Brighton beach West Sussex.

Do you remember the time gone by
When days were long and time wouldn’t fly
Carefree days with no pretence
Feeling young with confidence.
The sun blinding your very soul
Lit fires and blackened coal.

Never having a horrid day
Loving life and the will to stay
Focused on your early life
Before the turmoil and having a wife.
Friends come and always stay
Making your remember-able day.
Laughing at the innocent things
Were bees are buzzing and bird sings
Summer days so full of fun
Playing football in the hot sun
No enemy to make you scared
Cakes and scones carefully prepared
Food a plenty and stomachs full
Enjoying the times you have at school.
The best friend you have has four legs
Follows you everywhere , sits and begs
Those were the days I will never forget
when times were happy and no one frets.



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Hello friends, hope you are all good. I have been writing blogs for many years and love it, its a pleasure to have people read my work and many people do. I welcome all of you warmly. I will also follow you if your blog is of interest. Please feel free to follow me I have 6 blogs. I also promote blogs and websites on my blog so if you want a mention please get in touch.

7 thoughts on “REMEMBER THE DAYS…..

  1. All true. Those were also the days when we didn’t read the paper or listen to the news, so we didn’t think that the good days were ending and we’d soon be wadding in boiling water. Many things were more important, and I suspect, could be again.


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