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What do you see
when you look at me
A man who is happy
living life, and carefree.

I am not homeless
poor or unhealthy
Life is good
and in realty i’m wealthy.
I am not in a war
starving and forlorn
looking for shelter
wishing I wasn’t born.
Living in democracy
not fearing each day
In a Country that’s safe
in its own special way.
No fear for my children
They will survive
no brother has been killed
they are all alive.
Scared to waken up
to a brand new day
explosions the norm
in the brutal foray.
No Screaming children
when you open your door
no man or woman
dead on the floor.
Food is a plenty
in our cosy domain
we take it for granted
just like the rain.
Thank your lucky stars
you face no pain
Thousands are suffering
in the main.


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