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You love, you hate
your up, your down
your in, your out
you smile, you frown.
You laugh, you cry
you see, your blind
you eat, you starve
you lose, you find.

You scream, your mute
you come, or go
your happy, your sad
you die or grow.
You like, you loathe
your free, your in chains
you think, you imagine
you use your brains.
you promote, you ignore
you get up, you fall down
you keep a poker face
you float, or you drown.
you smile, you frown
you give, you take
your either a real person
or merely a fake.
you rise, you fall
you war, or like peace
you enter, you leave
you start, or you cease.
you swim, or you sink
you walk, you run
you are either serious
or prefer to have fun.


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