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Manchester we cry for you
we mourn your terrible loss
no reason why you died
it’s no wonder you are cross.

Children as young as eight
lost their lives that night
it’s hard to imagine this is real
we know it is not right.
Mothers, sisters fathers and sons
struck on that fateful day
The families mourn their loss
as everyone kneels to pray.
Senseless murder of human beings
by a faction with evil intent.
the horror they cause is nothing short
of ending lives unspent.
We know you all will carry on
and will not let the terrorists win
the treacherous bomber will go to hell
and suffer for his sin.
The people who lost their lives
will always be on our mind
the fathers and the mothers
the innocent and kind.
We hope you are now happy
in a paradise we know is real
a place where you will be appreciated
to love and openly feel.
Manchester we are with you
as you go about your day
terrorism will never beat you
as in our hearts you will stay.


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