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If I was the moon
I’d shine on your path
take care of the evil
give them my wrath.

If I was the sea
I would carry you for miles
protect you from sharks
drown in your smiles.
If I was God
I would forgive all sinners
force mankind to love
make everyone winners.
If I was rich
I would buy you flowers
give money to the poor
with champagne and showers.
If I was telepathic
I would read your mind
root out all your despair
and make negativity kind.
If I was an insect
I would probably be
a busy wee ant
scrounging and free..
If I was an animal
I would like to be
a roaring Lion
fearing me.
If I was a car
I would be very fast
leaving the dust behind me
having a blast.
If I was a bird
I would soar in the sky
enjoy all the views
and people passing by.
If I was a horse
I would run forever
then eat hay at night
to be proud and clever.
If I was a ship
I would be on a cruise
lap up the sun
enjoying the booze!
If I was the sun
I would shine on all of you
because you are special
unique through and through.

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