Mountains tall, rivers flow,

Tall Trees proud, colours aglow,

Whistling birds, melodic in tune,

High banked sand, in the shape of a dune.

Waterfalls pure, sweet smelling air,
Animals living, without being scared,
Sounds of nature in its own domain,

Growth so thick, lots of rain.
Fish a plentiful, in rivers of gold,
will never be caught or ending up sold,
Unspoilt land, can it be true?
Where grass is so green, and sky’s are blue.
The only sound alive is life at peace
days very long a slow release
nature at rest and left alone
no exhausts or a telephone.
Fruit bearing trees tall and proud
enough to eat if your allowed!
no taxes, laws, just animal rules
were nothing matters, undisturbed pools.
No fear or loss in its very slow pace
miles away from the old rat race
wake up in the morning to fresh cool air
living off the land and all it can spare.
Tall green grass no need for mowing
viewing for miles the sun is glowing
wild flowers growing carpeted throughout
even if its arid, or a lengthy drought.
visited by the few, unspoilt land
left to its vices mountains grand
a dot on the map, no one in sight
purely magical an ocular delight.

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