Jingles heard from afar
as he drives into our street
a magical vehicle on four wheels
racing to give us a treat..

Ice cream so delicious
and change to buy a sweet
those days were so spectacular
happy and neat.
Shouting up to mum
to get a couple of pence
the din was overpowering
while sitting on the fence.
The World was your oyster
as you chose your fav ice cream
this little van of wonders
was a child’s only dream.
Sometimes we would have enough
to buy a sweet or two
contented and happy in those days
and your mates were happy too.
He came around our street
twenty times a day
but your parents were very dubious
to give their money away.
Money was more tight then
but the luxuries were sometimes had
it stretched a little further
even got money from your dad!
The jingle could be heard for miles
as you ran to greet the man
with treasures over spilling
from the little musical van.