I cannot sleep
wide awake
let me go
for goodness sake.

I toss and turn
like a restless dog
the wheels have stopped
its a broken cog.
My mind is active
it never stops
like thieves and robbers
being chased by cops!
Tried counting sheep
It was going all night
tossing and turning
darkness and light.
Go have a drink
to settle your brain

think of shutting down
listen to the rain.
Eventually I  will fall
into a deep dizzy sleep
but what time was it?
as you snore at a peep.
Up in the morning
still dead tired
so to you my dear brain
buddy you are FIRED.
Get to work
still half asleep
brain not engaged
man I could weep.
Try not to doze
concentrate on your day
for soon it is over
and your on your way.
Home after work
dare not sit down
as your eyes start closing
in your dressing gown.
Finally to bed
lights out straight away
forgetting the night before
to face another day.


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